The ‘Society of Cannabis Clinicians’ welcomes veterinarians

I am pleased to announce that the Society of Cannabis Clinicians is expanding its reach and actively looking to include members of the veterinary profession.  We are in the process of adding resources specifically geared to veterinary medicine.



The Society of Cannabis Clinicians is a nonprofit educational and scientific society of physicians and health care professionals dedicated to the education and research support of cannabis for medical use.  The SCC is celebrating its 20th year as a valuable resource for those seeking to incorporate cannabis into their practice; providing practice tools, CME opportunities, access to research and case reports, quarterly meetings and more.  In addition, the opportunity to network and discuss challenging cases with knowledgeable colleagues is invaluable.

As an active member of the SCC, I invite you to explore the resources offered at and encourage you to consider joining SCC’s rapidly growing membership roster.  You may also find the Society of Cannabis Clinicians on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter (cannaclinicians)

Feel free to email [email protected] with any questions you may have.