The International Veterinary Cannabis Alliance

Introducing the Society of Cannabis Clinician’s

 International Veterinary Cannabis Alliance.

As medicinal cannabis gains popularity and acceptance worldwide, interest amongst the veterinary professional and pet-loving communities is also increasing at an exponential rate. The newly emerging discipline of veterinary medicinal cannabis is rapidly growing, while traditional institutions of higher learning and scientific research communities are struggling to keep up.

This gap in education and scientific evidence, combined with the slow-moving wheels of governmental regulation, have created a field that is extremely confusing and challenging to navigate.

Therefore, in order to assist veterinary practitioners around the world, the newly formed International Veterinary Cannabis Alliance is embarking on a series of roundtable discussions to help fill the current gaps in knowledge and expand our collective wisdom.

This series will feature internationally recognized veterinary cannabis experts and pioneers from around the globe who will address the various issues the profession is facing in their respective countries. Through solution-oriented discussions, they aim to share best practices and tools for advancing and defending veterinarians’ rights to discuss medicinal cannabis as a treatment option.

They will explore various topics including:

  • Navigating legal challenges
  • Product quality concerns
  • Research studies and clinical trials
  • Individual case reports
  • The nuances of implementing cannabis in practice
  • What the future holds for veterinary cannabis medicine
  • And more.

This first web-based roundtable discussion will feature an international panel of experts who will address the current legal environment surrounding cannabis for veterinarians throughout the world. They will also explore the ramifications of integrating medical cannabis into the practice of veterinary medicine.

Join us as we share knowledge, insight, and valuable experience in what promises to be an enlightening and informative panel discussion. This inaugural event is free and open to all.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021 a 9 am PST

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