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This program is designed for pet owners and those at the beginning of their cannabis education.  Learn the basics in simple terms, in a comfortable setting with like-minded people.  Q and A session following the program. 

Group Workshops

We are revising our programs to reflect current changes in the legal landscape as well as recent advances in scientific research.

We will be announcing dates for the newly updated "on demand" webinars in January, 2020.


**We kindly ask for your patience as we make this transition to a webinar based format.  You can email any questions or to request a personal presentation via:


Product Safety Evaluations

Not sure if your product meets basic safety standards or if it has the components necessary to be effective? There is much to know and we can help.  We can answer your questions and teach you how to evaluate the numerous products available. To have your questions answered, schedule a product evalation consult.  We can do phone, webinar-based or personal consultations.

Email your questions to the address below:










Coming soon...

In service staff training

Let us come to your place of business to train you and your staff .

On demand webinars

Learn in the comfort of your own home.


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