REACTION: CVMA FAQ document regarding cannabis and hemp

The CVMA (California Veterinary Medical Association) just recently updated it’s posted informational document titled “Cannabis and Industrial Hemp FAQ” on  9.12.19

The document can be read below or accessed by clicking this link:

While it is specific to California, there is relevant information for all veterinarians with questions about cannabis and hemp.

Changes in this update:

  • A notice was added at the beginning to discourage veterinarians from incorporating cannabis or industrial hemp products into their practices.
  • A paragraph was added under the question “What does federal law permit veterinarians to do in relation to cannabis?” discussing the removal of hemp products from the CSA, extra label use of FDA approved products, and the FDA’s stance on hemp and it’s derived CBD products.
  • Several paragraphs were added under the question “What does federal law permit veterinarians to do in relation to industrial hemp?” discussing the FDA’s jurisdiction over these products for use as drugs or food, and reiterates the definitions of “drugs” and “food” and that the FDA has indicated CBD is to be considered a drug under these definitions.  It also attempts to warn veterinarians who use these products that they are “unapproved animal drugs” and are therefore “unsafe.”
  • The last 2 questions on the original document were deleted (“How do I know if an industrial hemp product is legitimate?” and “What should I be looking for in a laboratory analysis to ensure that an industrial hemp product is legitimate?”) and replaced with “How do I know what is in an industrial hemp product?” The answer provided was a statement that these products are not tested and approved by the FDA and a link to the BCC (California Bureau of Cannabis Control) regarding the testing labs. This is unfortunate, because the original document was more thorough and informative in this section. To help answer this question, I would recommend readers learn how to obtain and interpret the product’s COA.  Start by reading this article on the “Learn” tab of this website:


CVMA Cannabis-and-Industrial-Hemp-FAQ_9-13-19