New Veterinary Cannabis Bill in California: AB-384


A newly proposed bill was just introduced this month in the California legislature titled:

AB-384 Cannabis and cannabis products: animals: veterinary medicine.

This new piece of legislation aims to build on Proposition 215, Proposition 64 (AUMA), the combined MAUCRSA, and AB2215.  It simply attempts to add the ability for a veterinarian to “recommend” the use of medicinal cannabis on an animal patient, not including livestock or food animals.  The veterinarian would still be held to the same restrictions as outlined in AB 2215.

Disappointingly, prior legislation fell short of actually allowing veterinarians to use the word “recommend.”  This would be one more step towards removing the shackles placed on veterinarians, and further improve the communication between clinicians and their clients with regards to an open, honest conversation about medicinal cannabis for veterinary species.

This is sure to prompt lengthy discussion in the legislative chambers, as well as the upcoming meetings of the CA Veterinary Medical Board (VMB).

For more information and to track the bill’s progress, click the link below: