DEA deschedules Epidiolex

Epidiolex®, the only FDA approved cannabis-derived medication, has finally been removed from the list of controlled substances. This drug, a purified form of  CBD (cannabidiol), is now effectively removed from all federal CSA (Controlled Substances Act) restrictions and will be treated like any other non-controlled medicine.

As a result, patients will now have greatly improved access to this life changing treatment.  Prescriptions will be valid for a year, can be easily transferred between pharmacies, and prescribing doctors will not have to adhere to the requirements of state prescription drug monitoring programs.  In addition, this may translate into insurance companies increasing coverage of the drug and potentially more pharmacies keeping this product in stock.

For our purposes, how will this potentially impact the veterinary profession?

Only time will tell if this change will jump start competition, lower prices, and lead to more research and products for both humans and pets. Regardless, it’s a step in the right direction.

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