CBD Nation, a documentary film, to be released August 25

The much anticipated release of the documentary feature film “CBD Nation” is about to arrive.

Summary from prnewswire.com:

This film, directed by David Jakubovic and shot in the US, Canada, and Israel, promises to tell the origin story of CBD (cannabidiol).   By merging reports of historic scientific breakthroughs and compelling personal stories, it provides a look at 60 years of published and ongoing research. 

With interviews of renowned physicians, pioneering researchers, and patients, it aims to show the world what sick children and suffering patients had to endure while inadvertently becoming messengers for the cannabis plant… in order to force mainstream society to acknowledge its potential as medicine.

It promises to be an inspirational, emotional, and educational experience.

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To view the film’s trailer, go to YouTube.com and search “CBD Nation” or click the link below: