2 More States Introduce Veterinary Cannabis Legislation

There is much happening on the legislative front.  Recently, new veterinary cannabis bills have been introduced in two states: Rhode Island and Nevada.

These developments, while noteworthy for their progressive stance on cannabis alone, also represent some significant unique aspects.

Rhode Island: This bill, H5190, is unique in that it would be the first to grant veterinarians the ability to “certify” animals for medical cannabis use, in the case of “any condition suffered by a domestic pet that would be a ‘debilitating medical condition’ if it were suffered by a person.”

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Click to read the bill text for H5190:

Nevada:  A newly introduced bill, AB101, authorizes a licensed veterinarian to recommend the use of and/or administer to an animal a product containing hemp or CBD that has a concentration of not more than 0.3 percent THC.